American Misogyny: Not Just Trumped Up Charges — Lauren Gregory – 10/17/2016

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14712591_10210511071593798_1332752693121433491_oAmerican Misogyny: Not Just Trumped Up Charges – Lauren Gregory

October 17, 2016 posted a piece about how “Trump’s One Public Service Was Exposing the Misogyny of the GOP.” It’s a good piece, but I have to quibble with a couple of basic premises in it.

I don’t think “exposing” is the right word. The misogyny has been laid bare for a long time, a monolithic principle to be rejoiced in and depended on. Most have embraced it, and not just in the GOP and not only men. Blaming the GOP, or any one group, for the bedrock misogyny in our country is disingenuous.

American society, women included, has always lauded the patriarchy and women’s place in it. We’ve always been little more than children, indulged with the occasional treat or pat on the head, but ultimately an ornament to be seen but not heard. Or perhaps there’s a…

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